True Courage

True Vulnerability is not only looking honestly inside or being honest with others, but then if we don’t want to look inside, or have never seriously looked, we cannot be honest with others because we don’t know. If we don’t look Inside there’s only one place left to look, outside of ourselves. And that is what the masses do, to their and our own peril. 

Because so few have the courage to be honest enough to took inside themselves, they cannot be honest with others. Not knowing does not truly absolve a person of responsibility, most just think It does. Someone always has to pay the price for Ones unknowing, or not wanting to know. We pay collectively by playing the “Game” in relationships and in society in general. So many contrivances and spells seem to make everything ok, but they really do not, we just choose to believe the lie and eventually the lie is all that remains. 

If one doesn’t know what drives themselves, how could they ever empathize with anyone?  What would make them want to do so?  What would drive them to learn anything just for the sake of knowing?  Only their “need” for something that they think they need from another.

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