Who are We?

We are aware, curious and imaginative by Nature, therefore to set ourselves to our Natural set point we need to “See” Nature.

Society is our collective creation, an agreed upon composite, which is not Natural. We automatically employ assumptions, compromises, judgements and hold each other to account for a contrivance that is not Natural. A tree, a flower and an innocent fawn are not reasonable nor rational, they just are, they are Natural.

If our Gaze is set towards society as our example, we sacrifice what it means to be human. To be human is mean something.

Nature has an inherent intelligence that effortlessly blossoms into beauty, that is the measure we have been given, not striving for ambitions that draw us away from ourselves and separate us from Nature.

Solitude, absent the sensations that society and technologies distract us with, is the beginning of reclaiming our true Nature. We have few wants when we attune ourselves with what we are a part of, it’s when we forget who we are that we become dissonant.   

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