Is it Matter or is it Energy, it doesn’t Matter, or does it?

Matter should be thought of as states of Energy, as determined by Energy Influencing other Energy within Fields.

Fields can be created by Energy, and those fields can cause the interaction of energy to behave differently depending on the state of the mass-energy, or the amount of energy infused into the organized particles that the energy is resonating at.

Other Fields, like Gravity a (tensor field), or the Higgs Field a (scalar field) are omnipresent.

Gravity is perturbed by mass-energy objects, which warp its’ field, the Space-Time field pushes back against the mass-energy object. 

Gravity effects All mass-energy and is calculated using Einsteins Field Equations, from his General Theory of Relativity.  

He describes these equations as stress-energy tensors, and they determine the tension of spacetime for a given arrangement of stress–energy in the spacetime. 

Like a bowling ball held up in the middle of a thin rubber sheet, the heavier (more mass-energy) the bowling ball, the more gravitational energy will push back against the ball holding it up, and the more gravitational attraction the object will have on other objects that enter into its’ bent or curved Space-Time geodesic lines. 

The smaller object will either orbit around the larger object or collide with it.

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