The Gold lies Deep Down

Today in psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most widely accepted and employed model, for those whose choose counseling and not only psychotropics to treat their mental dis-ease. CBT is really a mixing of classic Skinnerian operant conditioning and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), as developed by Albert Ellis. Ellis was heavily influenced by Alfred Korbyzski’s work as outlined in his important and influential book “General Semantics”. Korbyzski, influenced many important thinkers across a diverse range of disciplines, including L. Ron Hubbard.

CBT, REBT and classical Behavioralism, all in large part preclude the metaphysical in favor for more peripheral, or less deep personal introspection. While they can be effective, they are expedient and do little to change the deeper underlying causes of mental dis-ease processes. Like psychotropics these counseling methods are more techniques, or veneers, applied over the top of a wounded psyche, than truly life altering transformations. They infer that a person who is driven to act unconsciously can “choose” their behaviors and pay little heed to unconscious repressions and the toll they can take on a persons life.

Carl Rogers, with his concept of ” Unconditional Positive Regard”, Rollo May, Abraham Maslow and others were the first to really spearhead a humanistic, or person centered approach in psychotherapy, relative to psychoanalysis. Rogers and May were most heavily influenced by Otto Rank, the youngest member of Freud’s psychoanalytic group in Vienna. Rank, like Adler and Jung before him, eventually split with Freud over a number of disagreements, and eventually came to be a big influence on the study of creativity and positive potential seeking therapies. Rank went onto treat several influential authors and artists and his work, like Carl Jung’s, have provided us with important insights that can truly transform a wounded soul into the creative artist that we all have within us.

While it is more laborious and time consuming to go deep and unearth what is blocking our efforts to fully express our creativity in life, is it not the most important thing in life? We like to say we are busy and as a society we prefer the quick fix to true art, but shouldn’t we rethink that?

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