Reading today about how energy interacts with itself, I was struck with a thought.

The Weak Interaction, or Force, is responsible for transforming matter into other matter through radioactive β-decay of the atomic nucleus.

Like Electromagnetism mediates the electrical charge of energy through various forms of light, the Weak Interaction mediates the “Flavor” charge of the most fundamental energy particles that make all things that appear physically material and dynamic to us.  

Only the Weak Interaction can Break Symmetry, it is not Bound to any particular State, and the particles that mediate it’s Force are massive though they only appear for about a sextillionth of a second (24 zeros). The Weak Force breaks the Rules that the all the other forces are bound to adhere to. 

Without the “Flavor” of the Rule Breaker, things would be pretty static around here.😉

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