I’ll take the Red One!

We live in such an interesting age, unfathomable luxury relative to any other point in history, and dropped in our laps so many technological advancements that are beyond dizzying. Information about anything can be found in a matter of minutes if we only choose to seek it in earnest and possess the cognitive apparatus to discern and synthesize if properly.

Our view tends to be a tad myopic though, both in terms of our historical perspective and as it relates to our global and even local perspectives.

Awhile ago a man knocked on my door wanting to sell me magazine subscriptions. I noticed an accent and asked him which Eastern European country he hailed from. Estonia, he answered, “Oh on the Baltic Sea, next to Latvia and Lithuania”, I replied. He was slack-jawed as he told me my neighbor had asked him which US state that was!

Long before our age of ease and ubiquitous wealth that we all enjoy today, if a person wanted to gain knowledge, they would need to invest much deliberate effort, money, time and often needed to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to discover it, or to speak with those who possessed it. Today it’s at the tip of our fingers, though few seek it or know how to integrate it.

Are we really ready for AI? Are we ready for what we already have?  

Which pill, the Blue or the Red?

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