Thoughts after contemplating on Huxley’s “Perennial Philosophy”

“There is A Creator, One Objective Truth, One Spirit, One Cosciousness.

The Physical World Decays, but the living energy infused within it, is spirit, is eternal.

We are endowed with curiosity, an intellect, an angst to love and an Intuiton, that when deliberately focused, can lead us to know the Objective Truth and Love immensely.

We experience this brief, but precious life moment in the flesh and human, gifted with all we need to know the Creator. Through our frailty, set against our access to the source of all, we can grow in our ability to give and recieve love.

There is one Objective Truth and by following the beauty that we are shown through the very essence of the Creator, we fulfill are purpose.

The more we defer to anything outside of ourselves, the less we can know Truth, Intuit, Love and recognize the Creator’s omnipresence. When our focus is on empowering a false-Self in lieu of expressing who we created to be, we turn away from the loving essence that intended for us endless love.”


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