Natural Attraction

In a Conservative Vector Field like Gravitation, there exists a gradient from low to high Potential energy, as a small object approaches a Massive Energetic one.   

There does exist a natural Ambiguity, in taking an Integral path (Integral: necessary to make a Whole, Complete or Fundamental; Integer: a whole number, a Thing Complete in Itself) between two points as there are infinitely many paths that one could choose to get between the two points A and B, apart from the straight line formed between the two points one could choose a curved path of greater length as shown in the figure. 

Absent any other particle blocking its’ path, no matter what path the small object takes, it’s own energy and mass is conserved, maintained and fully as it was at Point A. 

We, like energetic particles as described in the Omnipresent Fundamental Fields that attract energy to itself, as long as we have our Awareness Focused on the End Point, we will get there necessarily. 
We gain energy as we approach the Truth and Love.  

The Human Experience is easy and so challenging and painful, as there are many obstacles along our tortuous paths, that is why the gift of this brief temporal existence is so meaningful and humbling.

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