The Spiritual Disease, Addiction

Addiction is a very difficult thing to understand and to break free from, particularly in our current culture that professes one message and then displays quite another.

Like deferring to the external for the false-selfs nourishment, addiction is an exogenous way for those who can no longer feel and experince the way they were naturally designed to, replace the Ecstacy of seeing the world, themselves, others and life as the loving gift that it is, with a soul killing substitute.

Addiction is a mechanism people mistakenly employ, to get their unmet soul needs met. Often the most caring and sensitive souls become trapped in this way, while those who eternally fear, often prefer the false-selfs cloak and more socially acceptable addictions, to the stigma that is attached to chemical addictions.

It just doesn’t work, because even worse than the ego, addiction can trap a person in a state of unknowing forever.  

Usually those who try to help the bound up addict, cannot help them because they too are bound up inside (they just employ a different mechanism), and the bound soul of the addict needs another unbound soul to help them “See” their own loving soul.  Only then can the afflicted begin the challenging trial of fighting for their own life.

Only Love can heal anything as pernicious as addiction, and its’ potency is first determined by the trapped soul in desperate need of it.  Many forms of love are often required to heal from any form of addiction.  A hint of for the Self, being the spark that ignites the transformation back to wholeness.

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