Mentors can help to Ignite a Fire!

Roger Walcott Sperry, a 1981 Nobel Laureate for his seminal work in Split Brain studies, was a great athlete and a pretty good student in highschool. He started out at Oberlin College studying and recieving his bachelors degree in English. While at Oberlin, he took a psychology course given by RH Stetson, which piqued his interest in the brain and human behavior. 

He went on to achieve a masters degree in psychology and then a Phd. in Zoology, before studying and teaching at Harvard, Stanford and Caltech.  

RH Stetson, had worked with the father of American Psychology William James, and took an interest in young Sperry who was fascinated to sit and listen to Stetson confer with other colleagues and the like.  

These experiences ignited a fire inside of Sperry who went on to become an eminent force in brain science and psychology.

Like RW Emerson and even Isaac Newton, genius isn’t always a given, as it relates to a successful application of ones abilities.  Emerson was middle of his college class, and Newton started studying to get good grades so as not to be picked on by the schoolyard bully and gain favor with his teachers.

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