Split Brain Studies

“Indeed a conscious system in its own right, perceiving, thinking, remembering, reasoning, willing, and emoting, all at a characteristically human level, and . . . both the left and the right hemisphere may be conscious simultaneously indifferent, even in mutually conflicting, mental experiences that run along in parallel.”
—Roger Wolcott Sperry, (Nobel Prize 1981, for Split Brain Research)

When the connection between the two brain hemispheres is severed, a person has two different minds that cannot communicate with one another. The right mind know what an object is but cannot verbalized what is is. The left mind possesses the language and speech centers. The right mind knows, it has no access to the centers that define and label things.The right mind knows why, it sees the integrative whole, the left mind sees the pieces.

Right and Left Hemispherical Functions

The right hemisphere of the cortex excels at nonverbal and spatial tasks, 

The left hemisphere is more dominant in verbal tasks, such as speaking and writing. 


The right hemisphere is responsible for empathy, humor and depression.

The left hemisphere is responsible for scientific and math skills, and logic.


The right hemisphere paid more attention to landmarks and scenes.

The left hemisphere paid more attention to exemplars of categories.


The right hemisphere is better at being able to,

*recognize objects and faces, 

*recall knowledge that the individual has already learned, or 

*recall images already seen. 

The left hemisphere is better at,

*mental manipulation, 

*language production, and 

*semantic priming 

*but was more susceptible to memory confusion than the right hemisphere.

Priming is an unconscious memory effect in which exposure to one stimulus influences a response to another stimulus. Automatic behaviors that require no intentional cognition.

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