The Formula for Great “Art”: Curiosity, Creativity and the Spark of Imagination!

Richard Feynman: 1965 Nobel Prize in Physics, for his contribution to Quantum Electro-Dynamics.

Ranked in the top 10 Physicists of all time.

Also pioneered Quantum Computing and introduced the concept of Nanotechnology.

His father encouraged him to ask questions that challenged current thinking and was always ready to teach him something new.

He was a late talker, and didn’t begin to talk until he was 3.

In grade school he made a burglar alarm for his parents.

Though his mother didn’t think girls had the ability, his younger sister Joan wanted to study astronomy. With Richards encouragement, Joan went on to become an acclaimed Astrophysicist.

His IQ was measured at 123 when he was in school. High, but average for doctors and professors.

At 15 he taught himself trigonometry, advanced algebra, infinite series, analytical series and both differential and integral calculus. 

By the end of highschool he was deriving his own mathematical topics, such as the “half-derivative” using his own notations and developed the mathematical Intuiton behind his “Taylor Series” of mathematical operators.

During his last year of highschool Feynman won the New York University math championship, and by such a large margin over the next competitor that the judges were shocked!

After a bachelors degree at MIT, he took graduate tests for Math and Physics and received perfect scores, an unprecedented feat. (He did poorly on English and History).

He attended Princeton for his Phd., hanging out with Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Pauli and other Nobel Laureates.

Based on a quantification of this most ingenious man, in the form of one test, Richard Feynman should have been well suited for a career as a doctor or lawyer, though unlikely an exceptional one.  Based upon what is real, his contribution was enormous. 

The questioning of orthodoxy that his father instilled, along with his angst to know why, gifted us all with his Art!

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