The Web of Life, Gravity (Edit)

Photo from my evening StrollšŸ˜Ž

Gravity is the Engine that set energy in motion from the very beginning. It provides a vehicle for living energy to interact with itself, experience itself and to transform into other manifestations and creations within the Web that is Space-Time.

Like a spiders web Gravity slows down and channels what we call energy, giving us all life and the range of life experiences and feelings.  Eventually, as for all things, and especially life, our brief temporal existence must come to an end.  

It is our temporal existence and our apparent physical separateness and boundaries that forms the seeming paradoxical life experience itself.

Gravity both forms and sets stars and planets in motion, it fuels Earthā€™s oceans and seas to pump and circulate life through the movement of water, like the heartbeat of Creation.  

It forms our atmosphere to shower fresh water on life and to spread life across the lands from the jet streams and the winds created by temperature and pressure variations.

Gravity forms and births stars and shapes galaxies for the stars to join and to be a part of.  

Gravity redistributes the energy after a star has spent itsā€™, allowing for different expressions of energy to be made manifest.

Gravity is served by the lesser forces, as only Gravity is Fundamental.  

Gravity cannot be reduced to any particular through quantization, as it is Integral, whole and complete prior to the first coalescence of energy that was attracted to itself proceeding the birth of our universe.

Light is Gravities’ Handmaiden, and it works to transfer energy between its’ various forms, keeping the universe moving, expanding, flowing, maintaining, and urging the spark of life to reach further.

When sufficient amounts of energy have joined together in one concentrated place, that energy escapes this universe as Gravity allows it to go, much in the way that our universe was born.  

Gravity is Fundamental to life, but it’s making me mad now! These scales cannot be right!šŸ˜‰

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