Truth or Opinion?

If every man made object, book and all accumulated knowledge vanished from the face of the Earth in an instant, would we be better or worse off?

With no books or instructions, how would we know what the truth is?

People tend to have a problem when they hear the word “truth”.  

For an ideologue, truth is what they’ve chosen to believe in, and usually from an external source.  

For those who require that their truth be given them, there would be a period of discord until acceptable rules and the dogma that they require themselves to adhere to would be presented to them.

Others only believe in what they can confirm with their 5 senses. When they can see it and analyze it, it’s true to them. Although our senses only provide us with a tiny fraction of what is truly present in our world, our senses do make things appear very real and can derail the best and brightest among us on their quest for truth.

I would submit that there is an ultimate truth to the exisitence of the universe, life and for each of us individually. I would also add that while there are many paths to the truth, they all lead to the same place, if the sojourner is deliberate, honest, vulnerable and perseveres in their effort to know it.

It is mandatory that the searcher of knowledge, and the truth it foreshadows, be able to honestly look at themselves and replace their misconceptions with improving beliefs continually until the day they leave this exisitence.  

The truth becomes obscured when an individual defers their own intellect, focus and need onto any thing or person outside of themselves. One must retain, or regain their internal sense of focus and intention, before they can even begin to believe that truth is approachable.

Again, we are all just stumbling around here in the dark, it’s when we don’t know for sure that we humble ourselves enough to be ready to discover and handle the truth.

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