Welcome the Challenge!

“With great power comes great responsibility”-Spider-Man 

Spiderman like so many superhero’s is but a fantastical example of what we mere mortals are similarly called to do in our own lives.  

“To he who has risked little, little is expected of them.” -Gump

Discerning what our own particular calling is, is our own responsibility. Whether or not we answer the call when it comes, can be our salvation or our last shrug.  

Like a white lie or omitting vital information from ourselves, our choice is really more like laying off a snooze button rather than a spider bite, or a bolt of lightning or a freak radiation exposure that transforms us into something powerful.  

Mute buttons do not alter the truth, they only allow us to pretend, “I only work here after all!”.

Growth is not doing what you know you can do, it’s doing what you don’t know you can do!  Take the challenge!

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