Thinking….it Ain’t for Everybody

A friend and I were conversing about that song that came out a few years ago, where the young artist was singing about his G-5 jet. I mentioned the unreal cost of a Gulfstream G-5, about $55 million, and how such an extravagance is really only for the wealthiest among us.

A person overheard us and exclaimed, “Oh, those young rappers are all billionaires, trust me they can afford it!”  

Rigggghhhhht (a Dr. Evil reply šŸ˜‰)

This is the same mentality who is the first to share their opinion and preferences about anything, though they usually only possess a tangential understanding of what they’re talking about. In place of any real knowledge, they employ what they believe to be their dizzying logic based reasoning skills! 

It’s too much really, they have the confidence to blurt out countless opinions, just not the confidence to deliberately learn anything!

It would be ok if they were to be honest about their knowledge gaps, but more often than not, these types will hold onto their opinions with a jealousy that would exhaust even the most patient soul.

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