Who am I to Say?

“I’m the type of person who likes to know the why of things.”-Catherine the Great

What an interesting reoccurring theme, people who do “Great” things maintain that natural curiosity and even an angst to unearth the why of things. They do not defer to others to provide them with the why, as they possess enough temerity and self-confidence to discover things for themselves.

The “common man” is often quite content with being told the what and the how in lfe, as the why is not his concern. He would never elevate himself enough to pretend to know the why, “things must get done, let someone else do the thinking around here!”

The act of deferring the why of things to others, releases the individual from much responsibility, accountability, and subsequent thinking in life. “Just tell me what to do”, is a common motto amongst those who don’t care to know the why.

In holding oneself to a lower level of expression and ability, these individuals necessarily project responsibility and even greatness onto those “others” who obviously possess superhuman abilities. These are the “star struck people”, who keep the tabloids in the black.

This is today’s magical thinking, it separates those who work hard and achieve from those who are mere mortals. The effect of this self-inflicted spell, is to release the self from the burden of learning and growth and to maintain ones comfort zone.  

This posture seems so normal, and perhaps even humble, though the effect and etiology are anything but benign.

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