My Black Parade: Analysis by my 17 yo son Luke

Artist: My Chemical Romance

The Black Parade Interpration

The story of The Black Parade unfolds in a manner out of sync with the albums listing of the songs (Tarantino style storytelling).

It begins with “I Don’t Love You“, in which The Patient describes his feelings for his high school sweetheart and their separation. He develops feelings of resentment for his sweetheart. 

Many years later, The Patient is drafted into an unnamed war. His experiences there traumatize him and cause him to madden into misanthropy. 

In “Mama” he describes his nihilistic views to his mother through letters, as well his fractured relationship with his mother. 

Once the war ends, The Patient becomes recluse, making few friendships and develops a substantial inferiority complex. He is still very young, in his early to mid 20s most likely.

Some time later, The Patient receives the news that he had contracted malignant heart cancer and that his chances of survival are extremely slim. 

The End” tells his feelings whilst receiving this news, telling the few friends he has and running away in self-pity. 

Dead!” sees him imagine being pursued and mocked by a grim reaper of his own creation during chemotherapy, representing his own self-loathing and fear. 

During “The Sharpest Lives” The Patient quits ingesting chemo drugs and spends several days causing fights, starting fires, bedding women and engaging in general debauchery to distract himself from his own mortality. He is eventually arrested and put in jail temporarily. 

In “House of Wolves” he engages in a different form of self-loathing by envisioning himself as an awful monster of a man who will burn in hell.  

Cancer” has him reuniting with his high school sweetheart and rekindling their relationship. 

As he gets closer to death, he articulates his disappointments and relives nostalgic memories with his sweetheart in “Disenchanted“. 

Barely clinging to life, The Patient describes his fondest childhood memory in “Welcome to The Black Parade“. He dies during the song and ascends into the afterlife as a ghost, leading his black parade.

The Patient chooses to remain as a spirit on earth for a little while longer.  

In “Sleep“, The Patient haunts his those who attended his funeral, expressing his distaste for those who (he feels) disingenuously mourn him, believing he doesn’t deserve it. 

In “Teenagers“, he inspires a teenage outcast to fight back against their bullies and the oppressive system rather than commit to a school shooting, starting a revolution. It can be assumed that he does this to redeem himself in his own eyes.

This is How I Disappear” entails his experiences as a ghost as he follows his sweetheart.

Famous Last Words” has The Patient finally accept his life, his death and make amends with his sweetheart as he embraces the afterlife.

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