What exactly is Vulnerability 

Vulnerability is inextricably linked to dissolving ones ego, ones persona, ones mask or false-self.

It’s being the first to say I love you, I made that error, yes I’m willing to honestly look at my part in that failure.

It’s really a willingness to do things and to put yourself into situations that you don’t necessarily want to do, but you know that when you do, you’ll be better for having done it.

It’s being willing to bust through a comfort zone, without needing to control the outcome.

Vulnerability is the very opposite of perfectionism, which is a tool for maintaining the walls that the ego has set up to protect itself.

Facing a long time fear, a perceived ego hit, or risking when you’d rather be safe and hold back.

Being honest and aware enough to admit when you’re blaming others and shifting responsibility.

Allowing others to hold you to account for your own blindspots.

A Willingness to look at your own flaws and the truth with little or no resistance.  

Fear, the egos fuel, repels vulnerability, awareness and knowledge of what we don’t want to know to keep us safe and secure.  But also static and not growing.

In the end Vulnerability is about getting your focus back, your Mojo back, it’s the key to regaining your natural curiosity, creativity, courage, strength and accepting yourself.

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