Gumpology Tenets

We are all stumbling around here in the dark, but we’ve been endowed with an intellect and a heart to guide us if we truly want to see and know.

It is so easy to misplace our focus in the throws and trials of daily life, but that focus was only intended to be wielded by you, it is you, your power to be you truly.

Know yourself, and you will want to naturally search for and begin to recognize, ever more empowering beliefs fostering your own growth.

Know yourself, if you choose to become self-aware, you will intentionally grow to accept and become grateful about everything, about yourself and about your situation!  

There are no techniques, you’re either authentic or you’re playing around, choose authenticity.

There is no end-game unless your playing the “Game”, Now is where life is lived and it always will be!

Summon the Courage to be Vulnerable! This includes voicing your opinion when to withhold it would stifle your expression. This will grow into confidence and eventually mastery.

No one is born great!, but we are all born with the potential and the germ of genius inside of us. If you search in earnest you will find it, you will find you!

Gift yourself the time everyday to connect with yourself and lose yourself in the experience of your “Art”, and you will organically come to live and be your “Art”!  

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