Contriving vs. Assimilating: An Ongoing Confusion about the Concept of the Ego

Contriving: EGO (False-Self)

A necessary condition of conformity is to assume the beliefs of the many, while simultaneously creating an acceptable “self”, so that the newly minted conformist might now efficiently procure their rewards for their sacrifice from their environment.

Frequent meetings, led by senior conformists, insure that newbies are familiar with the rules and standard operating procedures that are considered acceptable to the many, and are meticulously poured over again and again.  

Scripts for social interactions and for discordant experiences are provided and practiced among the tribe on an ongoing basis.

The outline of what is good and what is bad is presented, with the end goal of emulating what is referred to as a “Good Person” as described by the hierarchy of conformists.

To insure compliance, conformists are required to self-police the behavior of their tribe, and without hesitation externally enforce errors with varying degrees of severity.

A common enemy is described to instill fear and to reinforce the teachings of conformity. He who thinks differently than us is to be avoided at all costs, as these “Divergent’s” are narcissistic selfish types who only seek to derail you for their own manipulative desires.

Adherants are taught that any criticism of their doctrine, is an assault against them personally, and that only a madman would ever think such thoughts.  

The conformist is always right when confronting a nonconformist, do not pay any heed to their ramblings, but stay strong as you are a courageous person (a component of a “Good Person”).  Seek to commiserate as soon as the nonconformist incident has subsided.

Assimilating: ego (Assimilated Center of Consciousness)

A necessary condition of nonconformity is to think for oneself and to express what one thinks and Intuits as their unique form of creativity. They must only bring out what is within them and stay true to themselves.

Though this may seem an easy endeavor, it is truly the road less traveled, as the conformists notice and point you out incessantly.

To compensate for the energy depletion that nonconformists experience as a result of this denigration, they tend to isolate themselves and practice their “Art”, not the “Game”, as the conformists continually do.

The nonconformist maintains their essential nature and growth can occur, depending on their diligence and maintaining their sanity.

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