Perspective Also

Meeting with a close friend this morning, l learned something that I suspected but wasn’t aware of before. David and I meet regularly to discuss our experiences and hold each other able while sifting through the pearls and the near misses we each encounter over the previous month or so. His perspective is an interesting one, as he lost his wife and the love of his life about 5 years ago to Glioblastoma, a extremely deadly and Aggresive form of Brain Cancer. His attempts to save his wife’s life were beyond courageous, and if I presented them here they would seem nearly unimaginable to the average reader.

As we were discussing how it has become commonplace and even socially acceptable for people to commit heinous acts against other souls, David shared with me that depending on the form of cancer, between 50-80% of significant others leave the struggling cancer partner in the early stages of the disease! This, not unlike less obvious breaches in responsibility like superfluous divorce and emotionally and physically leaving children in times of existential soul pain, is the most challenging phenomenon for me to personally process.  

In times of knee bending overwhelm, we either step up and engage what we are presented with, no matter how ill prepared we personally feel, or we fold. I do not think one, or even several lesser occurrences of turning a blind eye and assuming an unaccountable posture necessarily defines the individual, but when a person deliberately represents themselves as possessing more courage than they truly do, they unwittingly reveal themselves.    

When a person shirks their soul-level responsibilty to another, in such an obvious and despicable manner, they have an opportunity to either mend their breach and grow as a result of it, or they must find evidence to justify their shrug. If their culture and their friends support their action and do not draw attention to the travesty of their behavior, they will become bound to living an externalized egocentric life going forward, as they search for reasons outside themselves to rationalize and make their behavior appear to be “normal”.  To fully own and feel what they have done, to a soul that never needed them more than they have in their entire life, is far too powerful an emotion to process for such a person.

Not only are people hurt and souls wounded in such ways, but ultimately civilizations fall, as civility has eroded to the point of not supporting the fundamental things that make us all human. If we cannot give love to our fellow man when they require it most, then only counterfeits remain, and they do not possess the potency to move the hearts and minds of men!

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