The Three Little Pigs, the Profundity of the Lesson for Children and Adults Alike

Analysis for Children:

Think, be Logical, be Reasonable and Rational! To be safe, to be wise, to keep and protect what you have worked so hard for; you must take the time to gather the proper resources to build your own home, your place of refuge, and make it strong so it can withstand the challenges of those who would harm you or take what is yours.

Analysis for “Adults”:

Choose to Choose! There is no such thing as a life based on what you assume or adopt absent your own consideration. God has no Grandchildren! Take responsibility for your own life in every aspect and build your own Foundation!   It’s not about your prowess in the external world, it’s about the strength you build on the inside.

Unfortunately Children make up the vast majority of our Society, no matter their age. Grownups do not look to others to think for them, to assume responsibility or to make decisions for them, they can construct their own homes at will, no matter how many Big Bad Wolves are Huffing and Puffing at the Door!

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