The Creation of a Conformist: 

A necessary condition of conformity is to assume the beliefs of the many, while simultaneously creating an acceptable “self”, so that the newly minted conformist might now efficiently procure their rewards for their sacrifice, from their external environment. Finally the battle ends! All of that thinking and toil to express ones true-self can be so exhausting! Now one can focus on getting their needs met and enjoying life! Just like when one finishes school, no more books, no more study! Hallelujah!

Frequent meetings (commiserating and bitching sessions), led by senior conformists (an equalizer), to insure that newbies are familiar with the rules and standard operating procedures that are considered acceptable to the many. These instructions are meticulously poured over again and again (absent any corresponding growth).

Scripts for social interactions and for discordant experiences are provided and practiced among the tribe on an ongoing basis. When scripts become outdated, and can no longer be used to control ones environment, new scripts are distributed via People Magazine, Kim Kardashian, Oprah and any other number of media outlets and external sources.  

If one requires assistance, they are instructed to seek out and ask an acceptable authority figure, or if that does not meet their needs, to seek governmental or legal assistance. They should never allow themselves to feel pain or feel anything other than pleasure and happiness in life. Discomfort of any sort is to be avoided at all costs! Ones self-esteem must be maintained, first and foremost!

The outline of what is good and what is bad is presented, with the end goal of emulating what is referred to as a “Good Person” as described by the hierarchy of conformists. To pull this off requires some upfront work, but after ones image is practiced for awhile, one can return to autopilot mode and resume the search for meeting their needs and acquiring validation from others.

To insure compliance, conformists are required to self-police one another to reinforce the proper behavior of their tribe. They must be willing, without hesitation, to externally recognize and enforce errors by employing the following modalities; concern, upset, personal offense, blaming, projecting and responsibility shifting. In this way a conformists self-esteem and worth, relative to others, can be maintained and hopefully increased.

A common enemy is described to instill fear, build allegiance to the tribe and to reinforce the teachings of conformity. “He who thinks differently than us is to be avoided at all costs”, as these “Divergent’s” are narcissistic selfish types who seek only to derail the tribe for their own manipulative desires and weaknesses.

Adherants are taught that any criticism of their doctrine, is an assault against them personally, and that only a madman would think for themselves. To have ones own thoughts, or possess highly developed skills or knowledge, is only reserved for the highest members of society and for one to possess the temerity to conceive of original ideas, is the definition of egocentrism and/or narcicism!

The conformist is always right when confronting a nonconformist, they are instructed to pay no heed to their ramblings, but to stay strong as a courageous person would (a component of a “Good Person”). When an assault from the nonconformist(s) finally ends, they are instructed to commiserate with fellow conformists as soon as possible (and preferably an equalizer), to prevent any foreign ideas from taking hold!


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