Today my biggest challenge as a “co-parent”, is guiding my children in an environment that operates and thinks in complete polar opposition to what I know and have experienced.

I take my role as a father very seriously, and even view it as a sacred obligation and a gift of fostering the little souls, that I helped usher into this world.

Guiding kids through the maze of all of those who have competing interests for their minds, hearts and attention requires a perpetual vigilance, not a striving posture but an intentional one.

My purpose as a father is to help mentor my kids into becoming who they fully are, not what I or anyone else wants them to be, and to pass on my knowledge and love in a way that they can most easily recieve it.

Though it would be nice if others, who have influence on them felt the same way I know they do not, so fostering their ongoing creative critical thinking skills and widening their perspective is where I focus my efforts.  

One would think that this view would be only common sense and naturally supported by others that also help to shape their experiences, but when it comes to others I cease being an idealist and settle for being a realist.

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