If Only…

The language of conformity is a wanting vernacular.  

If things had only been different, situations more favorable, then perhaps I’d of been happy, successful, even adored!?

If only I’d been born taller, smarter, prettier, richer….then things would be different for sure!

If only my ex had been kinder, my boss wiser, my kids listen better, if only……

I must be quite though, no “good person” thinks like this, so I’ll act as if everything is peachy!

I’ll look on the bright side! I have a car, a job, I’m not sick, I’m alive!

What a cute cat poster!  Yeah!  I’ll hang in there! 

I guess that keeps me going, but others have so much more!

I’ll keep up the good fight though because I’m no quitter, my parents didn’t raise me that way!

Money doesn’t matter! My friends and I remind each other of that all the time! 

I’ve gotta make some time to smell the roses, maybe next year for sure!

Only 15 years and I can retire from all of this! Then no more work, no toil, just golf and joy!

If only…….

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