A Vision

I’m driving a Red Ferrari on a bike path where people are walking, jogging and biking with their backs to me, all going in the same direction.

I notice they all have headphones and sunglasses on. Some have huge headphones, others have earbuds, and the sunglasses are of varying degrees of darkness.

I see mothers trying to help fit their children with sunglasses and headphones or earbuds, but most of the kids are resisting, and some violently.

As I travel I notice, on occasion, that a person notices they have the glasses and headphones on and tries to remove them. I see them struggling, so I pull over and offer them a ride.

Most of the time, if they remove their headwear, they are startled as they didn’t notice me until I’m right next to them. Most clutch tightly to their glasses and headphones and are hesitant to engage me.

Some get into my car and we talk for awhile, some instantly recoil at the sound of my voice, and some have a great time and we laugh and talk for hours.

These last types, will sometimes ask me to pull over eventually and quickly don what they’ve been clutching to, others will ask where I got my car and I’ll drop them at a car dealership.

What a Weird Dream!

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