Addiction: A Self-Reinforcing Phenomenon of Our Own Creation.

Addiction, in terms of:

Its cause and what it actually is, (It ain’t the drug or the obsession btw), How we treat and view the “addict” both therapeutically and as a human being, What agents or behaviors tend to attract “addicts” and why, Why are some addictive modalities more pernicious and who attracts to them, and the actual meanings of the vernacular associated with addictions is lost on so many.

Addiction is a Direct result of societies (all of us individually) refusal to accept people (Themselves first and foremost) not for who they are  but as they (we) require them to be!  

Addiction is the price we pay for sacrificing our collective soul for a shot at playing the external game and the supposed riches and pleasures that it can bestow in us for winning!

When a soul only requires connection with other souls, but most souls have been veneered over with false contrivances, souls look for and turn to less potent counterfeits!

The way in which addiction is viewed and subsequently projected onto the “addict” (of which we all are, some addictions are Just less obvious) not only harms both the recovering soul, but the souls that judges and condemn them!

The more Creative the soul, the more the soul has fought to retain its expression, the less the soul has conformed, the more real the soul the higher the probability they will attract towards a more socially unacceptable and physiogically pernicious modality to replace the connection, love and acceptance we all yearn for but rarely truly experience.

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