Getting Out of My Own Way!

I’ve just been released from a large debt, in the form of pre-divorce alimony and child support arrears, that was a result of a business failure after my business partner was diagnosed with an incurable form of leukemia. That experience was the secondary precipitant that ultimately led to my divorce and subsequent financial difficulties, including being unable to fulfill my full obligations of pre-divorce alimony payments that (my now) ex requested at trial.

Being relieved of this ever-present financial burden, which included the revocation of all state issued licenses, including my dental license at one point and a constant threat of incarceration, is a relief but not as important to me as it would’ve been 3 years ago. It is great when life is easy and money is flowing and all is peachy, but I never truly learned much about myself or others, despite what I would have professed to you at the time.

The journey from living and being perceived as a successful father, husband and dental practice owner, to where I now “find myself”, has been fraught with gut wrenching pain and difficulties, but ultimately I’ve been gifted with internal freedoms and an understanding of the broader perspective that I would never have otherwise been afforded. I highly recommend it!

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