Gumpisms: A Recent Compilation

“There are two basic but antithetical mentalities that one can either assume or become.
You can operate within the “game” in which you “find” yourself,

Or your can create your own “Game”, and FIND” yourself.”


“Perhaps the saddest thing about submitting to the conformists and sacrificing ones natural “what if” creative wonder, is that ones view becomes fixed on the “good enough”, the “acceptable”, and what is “required” of me and that becomes the height of the bar to which one strives, not what is “possible”!”


“The angst and the inspirations to do the right thing is fully a function of humility and the recognition of the immense value of ourselves and all others.

The angst to be right is another animal entirely!”


“When I learned the rules of the Game it became pretty easy for me.

When my heart broke as I awoke, I wanted out, but how?!

Unwittingly, events were set in motion that would free me, though very harshly!

The prize I was gifted after the pain, though not seen by the many, humbles me.”


“Left to his own devices, resonating on the periphery of existence, man uses his intelligence to dominate over his environment instead of being a part of it.

This hubris from the material side, transfers to his behavior with others and into his relationships, condemning him to a counterfeit existence!”


“Human beings bridge the gap between the instinctual “survival of the fittest” animalistic fear-based realm and the higher eternal metaphysical realms.

When the want of our physical instinctual nature tyrannizes our eternal one, we sever our connection with the divine, and pretend all is well when it is certainly not!”


“For those who lack the resolve and courage to deliberately achieve their own knowledge, there are legions who will happily supply it for them. 

To shrug the most precious of all human endowments, internal freedom and choice, requires no effort but is the greatest sin of all. 

Having conceded ones own right to themselves, they pretend it is not so, by controlling the world around them by guessing, judging, hoping, relying on their unknowing ego.”


“An omnipresent awareness, allowing one to effectively and accurately focus and intend their will, is a mandatory precondition before any profound and lasting change and subsequent ongoing personally directed growth can manifest in our lives.  
Without a rock solid “Why”, and the emotional currency that is both initially invested with it and the ongoing dividends we are gifted from it, we tend to live within the range of our comfort zones.  
Living within our own constrictions, or self-imposed limitations of our range of expression, is to dabble in life and not to breath it in!”

“If your map of the territory was wrongly charted from the outset, simply changing your course while clinging jealously to your old view of the terrain, or sneaking a peak at another’s map, doesn’t make you any less lost.”

“It ain’t about education! That’s a secondary, or even tertiary concern!It’s about fostering or guiding or leading minds to the water, not the gold!”

“Tell the world what they want to hear, and they will love you for it. Though you may lose your soul, in the process.
Tell the world the truth….and you’d better take cover!
Be prepared for a label, some projections in your direction and a new diagnosis.
Finding a way to be truthful for whomever it is I’m engaged with, consumes most of my mind, heart and energy.
Living life as a counterfeit, requires a counterfeit understanding of it.”

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