Faith, Hope and Love

Faith and Hope are our longings, our needs, our deep desire, our reliance and our dependence upon the constant flow of loves energy that frees, lifts, and fuels our souls and spirits.

When we don’t feel like we can rely upon a consistent supply of the love, as oxygen keeps our body alive, our soul begins to die.

Faith and Hope, which manifest as our confidence and joy that we can feel the love, that we so very need, are replaced by doubt and fear that our souls fuel cannot be relied upon.

As children we do not doubt, we know there is love, as we know there is air to breath and gravity to hold us to the ground, we don’t know what it is or how it works, we just know.

When adults begin to attach conditions to the love they dole out to children, when they expect and then demand that their own will be expressed through the child, the seeds of doubt and fear that love may not be real and that supplies may be in question, are planted.

When our Faith and Hope that the love that fuels our joy and soul is gone, like the air that we breath, we must, we are required, we need to replace it with something!

When before we just knew, now we do not and must look outside of ourselves and attach our need to some replacement for a consistent source, a supply, a counterfeit but perhaps sufficient enough to fuel our spirit in the absence of love that before just was.

This is the source of all problems in our lives and in our world, but instead of this view presented, we judge ourselves and others as not worthy, and point our fingers at those, who just like ourselves are only looking for the love they once knew.

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