“Master Builders”: Everything is Awesome!

As I sit with my 4 year old daughter in my lap watching the “Lego Movie”, I am so intrigued by the idea of a “Master Builder”. Googling the concept I happened upon Lego’s definition and I’m a tad disappointed, though not surprised. The deeper meaning insinuated in the movie, inspired me and many others to see and truly enjoy a very good and humorous creative representation of an important truth, that is so often lost on the many.

We all are endowed with all we require to be and express as “Master Builders”, and unlike the hemmed in, marketing centered Lego website definition, no special training is required. In fact training is the very thing that inhibits so many from achieving Master Builder status in the first place!

Certainly a focused and intense effort is required by the “Masters” in training, but their Super-Creativity is theirs alone to wield, no tricks required. When anything but a Pure motivation infects the intention behind any creative endeavor, the result of the invested creativity is reduced proportionally.


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