Reason and Logic, Our Captors!

In times where we must make the best use of our resources, often the first thing that we sacrifice, ourselves, is what sets us on the path to mediocrity and striving.

In schools music and the arts are cut with nary a whimper, as they are merely superfluous remnants of some romantic vision of a day long since past.

We sacrifice our own Art, our Passion, our Flow because it would be irresponsible in the eyes of any reasonable, logical or realistic person not to do so, though our soul is our Art!

Unwittingly our focus in life necessarily migrates away from our dream inside of what could be, to the external reality of what we are told IS!

What truly IS, IS you! You are your passion, whatever that may be and no matter how crazy others deem it to be!  Logic is the buzz kill of true Joy!

If your passion is dancing, then dance everyday, as your soul requires you to do!

Or become the Ideal of what we all tacitly agree upon is reasonable and logical and acquiesce into the impotent existence of our mutually agreed upon fictional composite, a Mature Realist!  

And then choose among the acceptable distractions that the other Mature Realists have concocted for you, and attempt to dazzle one another with feats of reason that are intended to set you apart, but truly only separate you from your soul!

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