“The concept of selfishness is an interesting one, as it is the highest use of irony, when employed by a mostly unintegrated populace that is itself selfish.

To be selfish is to think of oneself first and to put oneself before others in social interactions, however the motivation to express as selfish is fueled by the lack of a healthy integrated internalized self in favor of unconsciously procuring ones needs from their external environment.

An internally integrated individual could not be selfish, as they by definition, do not derive their needs from the external realms, but from within the self and the fuel for their self flows from the eternal infinite spiritual realms.

When ones survival is threatened, ones most primal animal instinct is to preserve their own life over others.  This is the same drive of the ego and the “fight or flight” response, and fear assumes control of the physical mind and body and survival becomes the overriding priority, not the needs of others.

As selfishness relates to a primary committed relationship, things are fundamentally different, especially as it relates to the more healthy integrated individual.  In the act of committing one must project some measure of need onto the other partner and therefore must necessarily express in a more selfish manner within the confines of the relationship.

The pressures to conform in a materialist focused culture produces an abundance of selfishness in its citizenry, and here we are.”-Gump

One thought on “Selfishness”

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