The Most Fundamental Nature of our Universe, even before its creation, is the interplay between expansion and contraction the ongoing battle between them, and the resultant Victory of Expansion over Contraction.

The Primodial Energy Object, The Seed, The Singularity that We are all a result of, was infinitely small, infinitely dense, and possessed infinite energy, as heat and pressure.

It was “The” Causal Closed Thermodynamic System, as the Energy within battled the Energy Constraining it without.  

The Internal Energy possessed a Creative Angst to break out and Expand its’ Nature and to bestow its’ Gifts onto and as the Universe itself.

We know that the Energy within prevailed over the Energy without and became all that we know, our Universe, Us.  

Therefore the Most Fundamental Nature of our Universe and all of Existence is to Expand, to Grow, to Move Forward and to Prevail over that which would Restrict it.

The energy released, for the briefest moment from our perspective, was Uniformly Homogenous and Equally Spaced.  

But in the next instant it began to interact with itself and formed into new creations of itself.

Creation is Creative and in fact yearns to Create and interact with and form ever new and imaginative Creations of itself.

It Loves, it Is Love, and it Propels our Universe, our World and Us to Love each other without ending.

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