The Law of Choice: To Know or to Not Know

The Uncertainty Principle: (Werner Heisenberg, Nobel Laureate)

We Cannot:

Know the Location of a Sub-Atomic Particle at any specific point in time

And also

Know the Amount of Energy it possesses and the Direction in which and Speed it is Traveling.


If we choose to measure where an object is relative to others objects, we sacrifice our Knowledge of the the True Nature of that object in terms of our own internal understanding of it and our ability to discern where and with what speed it is headed.

Simplified Again:

When we attach a superficial label to something, we know nothing about it, 

We Judge!

When we look deeper into the object and take the time to Understand it, we can determine what it is and with what speed and direction it is headed. 

We can know its’ Nature, we Discern!

The Law

“We Choose to Choose to Know.

If we Choose not to Choose, we Jugde, we Judge Wrongly, we must Guess and Generalize.

If we Choose to Choose, if we Choose to Discern, we Can See and we can Know it’s’ True Nature.”


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