At first when the energy was released from the seed of creation, for the briefest moment, it was all the same and separated at equal distances from each other.  

Like kids at their first middle school dance, all standing around on a grid of dots, dressed in the exact same same clothes, with the same name, all the same sex, all clones of one another.  

But then one of the clones gravitated towards the dance floor and started to dance and the rest followed.  

The energy became free as it expressed, created, imagined, played and loved itself and the other energy.  

It blossomed into infinite new forms and expressions of an ever expanding creation.

We are all one, and all free enough to be different!


One day one of the expressive creations of energy became aware of itself!  

At first confused it saw another and was so joyful and happy and they danced and loved in their excitement!

Other aware expressions appeared, and one of them noticed that they were all different.

Hey!, why is that one faster, that one taller, this one dances better!, no fair!

The miracle of creation could now create itself, even if that creation was to separate itself from other miraculous creations.


Some of these brilliant aware energetic expressions kept dancing, not noticing those who had stopped.  
Soon many had stopped and the few who were still dancing noticed that they were alone on the dance floor.   

What’s wrong? Why have you all stopped dancing?  

You’re not supposed dance like that said one from the crowd!

Whatever do you mean? We all dance as we feel, that’s what makes us…us!

You!  Who do you think you are?! We all voted and we’ve decided how, when and who can dance. It’s a better way, trust me.

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