In the last year I’ve learned, or am learning on my own, Quantum Mechanics, Calculus, Set Theory, Infinite and Geometric Series, Human History (huge swaths), The History of Human Thought (numerous philosophers and ideologies), Cyrillics, Neurobiology, Phenomenonology, Cosmology, Particle Physics, Thermodynamics, the History of Pyschology and many other subjects.  

I’ve found that learning is not something that requires a teacher to didactically show me the way. Learning is a form of creativity and is a deliberate conscious activity that when fully engaged in, with a childlike curiosity, fuels itself for no other other reason than to know.

I’ve also learned that most do not want to know, and in fact most prefer to actually block any new knowlegde! It’s the words, or the ideas, that we do not know that scare us. However when we learn that it’s the words that actually limit us, we feel free!

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