Preparation Plus Tragedy = Success

Humans: A Self-Activating System (For Use Only in an Emergency)

We are emotional beings first and foremost, who only make choices based upon what we feel and never on what we think we rationally reason.  

Neurologically we are wired to feel first, and only then apply logic and reason after the feeling has been felt.  

No matter ones prowess as shrewd logisticians (everyone thinks they are), we apply reason only to buttress what we feel, and the choices we have already made emotionally. If we feel that our choice was not a reasonable one, we will gather supporting data to prove to ourselves and others that we have chosen wisely.

Caveat: This only applies if one has access to their feelings, and has not sufficiently walled off their emotions, to negate the wisdom that their feelings are intended to guide them with. Also, if ones choice matters little, so as to not provide one with an emotional response sufficient enough to guide them towards one decision or another, logic alone can be primarily employed to make the choice.

Whether or not one can rightly discern the message that a feeling is attempting to reveal to them, the feeling itself is evidence that they still, consciously or unconsciously, have access to their emotions and the feelings they impart.

We can only replace an existing belief (emotionally supported), with a new belief that has more emotional intensity attached to it than the existing belief.  

Therefore the best time to instill more accurate and empowering beliefs is during times of highly charged emotional upset. Incidentally, these painful experiences are also the times when less empowering, but more emotionally charged beliefs fueled by fear can be instilled.

The installation of new empowering beliefs must be a personally deliberate action! That is only the one experiencing the emotional upset can uninstall the old belief and install the new more emotionally charged belief.

When we are presented with life’s most taxing challenges, it is imperative that we have access to truthful and empowering ideals that will support our efforts in moving forward and rising to the occasion. 

Courage then is largely a result of deliberate preparation prior to tragedy.

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