Ambiguity and The Highly Creative Personality 

Accordingly to psychologists who study Creativity,

Uncertainty is very attractive for creative individuals and they love the ambiguous or when there are two or more ways of explaining a problem, especially because this gives them freedom of thought and expression. 

I always prefer a challenging environment, situation, psychological or intellectual situation to a normal one. 

This phenomenon is completely antithetical to that of a conforming egoist, who seeks to simplify, automate and streamline the challenges of daily living. 

The egoist will also favor glossing over any attempt of highly creative types to connect with them at deeper levels, and tend to be hypersensitive to any possible breaches (much like a protective reflex).

Egoists attempt to draw others, especially very aware individuals, away from any authentic self expression from either side.

The defining characteristic of egoism is Pretension (they pretend). The egoist by definition, must pretend and fuel their persona/ego with psychic energy that could otherwise be employed to help integrate and focus their internal intention for their own benefit.

This is a paradox of sorts, and the resistance from the less creative side, tends to separate the connection between us and it is unfortunate but quite the quandary for me personally.

6 thoughts on “Ambiguity and The Highly Creative Personality ”

    1. Good piece! Thorndike, as well as other Behavioralists like Skinner and Pavlov, have undeniably proven that conditioning is very predictive of subsequent behaviors, and is the basis for human and animal unconscious looped behavior patterns. We can change a habit for instance or install a new behavior with consistent discipline (21 days or so), and that can have both positive effects on our daily lives and provide us a boost of pride psychically.

      I would also suggest that as we develop into higher levels of awareness through deliberate learning and knowledge assimilation, that less discipline and striving necessarily give way to more flow or meditative atemporal living experiences. Discipline and hard work are without question mandatory as they pertain to confidence building and skill attainment, but I think we must continue to progress beyond the need for the reinforcement of our more peripheral sensibilities, lest we place to heavy a need onto achievement above self acceptance and self-love.

      *I read you article and it was great! Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it!

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      1. Thank you so much for your reply – I realise that we need some kind of a boost as it may be innate. I did not know it was 21 days for a new behaviour to be constant. This would be beneficial to know for studying and patterns.

        I feel also, jobs really should not be allowed to sack people who are new – they should be allowed to make necessary adjustments, for training or learning.

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      2. Shawn Achor, “The Happiness Advantage”
        Great read, he goes into detail about the practical applications of this sort of thing. He was a Harvard Resident Advisor and has some good and funny insights into the behaviors and such of gifted individuals. I’d recommend it to you.
        Thank again

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