Dissolving the Dichotomy of the Subjective (Subject) and Objective (Object)

An Objects’ “True Phenomenal Purpose”, though not its’ ultimate causation, may be revealed to a Subject, after an all-inclusive observation of the Object in its full range of actualized and adaptive expressions, relative to Nature as a Whole. 

The Empiricists are excluded from this view, as their focus on the parts to the exclusion to the whole necessarily eliminates their efforts from providing them with much more than technological or superficial manipulations of existing knowledge.

A deliberate sojourner who is shown a glimpse into the internal workings of the universe, as say an Einstein, experiences a rarified and ephemeral view, a peak behind the curtain if you will through the lens of Nature, gifted through the sharpened natural Intuition that he so jealously honed.

Few have experienced such profound insights, as few have prepared themselves in such a way to exact away the biases that tend to restrict the frailties of we humans from Intuitively “Seeing” what truly is, as have the passionate and artful truth seeking scientists of Goethe and Einstein.

The Subjective/Objective Scientist

The essential preparation that the Subject must undertake is an inclusive self-directed, self-guided and self-monitored internal exploration, recognition and assimilation of the Subjects full psychic and spiritual anatomy.

In addition, a deliberate angst for learning and acquiring an adequately broad knowledge base must be passionately sought and integrated through an accurately synthesized internalized view of ones internal and external landscapes.

When the Subject can intuit effortlessly, without the interferences of their internal fears and biases and their external needs vying for their intentional focus, they like Goethe and Einstein, are ripe for the possibility of that capricious “Stroke of Genius”.

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