Livin The Dream!

Imagine waking up in the morning in a rush to get to a job that you don’t like, but it pays the bills, and there’s a chance you might get a raise soon if you can just meet your quota.  

You’ve had your eye on that new BMW coming out in a few months, so what’s a little pain in the short term anyway?

After fighting traffic and grabbing a $4 cup of Joe, you begrudgingly assume your place in your private cubical, adorned with motivational posters that someone gave you, you just can’t quite remember who though.

Your coworker from two cubicles over who you “cope” with, winks and quips, “is it Friday yet?”, you offer up a gratuitous chuckle and under your breath say, “God I wish it were!”

After a frenzied day, complete with two 15 minute smoke breaks and a State mandated 30 minute lunch break, you rush home to relax your body and mind with a pizza and some brews, and try to get ready to do it again tomorrow.

It don’t get no better!

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