During the Renaissance, in the Enlightenment era where reason ruled, the upper classes had established all manner of norms and customs that were considered polite, inspiring the ambitious lower classes just a rung or two below to emulate those “above” them to assume such genteel behaviors, in hopes that one day they too would be of such rank.

Like the Pharisees who lobbied Pontius Pilot heavily for the crucifixion of Jesus, the rules themselves became more important than the intent behind them, as illustrated by the release of Barabbas a murderer and the execution of Jesus, a petty political demagogue.

To be polite is not a function of what works or sounds the best in winning the favor of others when we are in social settings, to be polite is to honor the souls in which we are blessed to interact with and as such cannot be borrowed from any book or any person for that matter. Honoring others cannot be taught, as it is not a technique or a script to be honed, honoring others is what we naturally seek to do when we allow ourselves to be human.

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