“The Badge of Mediocrity”, The Worst Best Kept Secret

One of the most potent spells people cast in life is on themselves. If they don’t try, then very little will ever be expected of them. So they do just enough to appear like they’ve tried, and “poof” they are off the hook for anyone to ever expect much from them in life. They’ve been gifted the “Badge of Mediocrity”, and when they do something just above what is expected of them, they are lauded with much adulation. This reinforces their decision to shrug responsibility in their lives.

When you’ve done much, risked much and pushed the envelope, you’ve positioned yourself as capable and those who released themselves from accountability in life, look to you for help as they are truly still children. They aren’t aware of this, as this strategy is the best kept secret there is. Holding oneself and others able, is the only possible healthy way to view the world and humanity, but so few do.

If you “find yourself” looking up to those who have conformed and wear the “Badge of Mediocrity” with pride, you’d best reconsider your worldview, lest you’ll surely be donning the Badge next.

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