Absent the infusion of a correcting energetic force, all things naturally move from a state of order to disorder.  

From the beginning, energy has become more complex as a result of gravity, rather than less complex as the second law of thermodynamics would dictate.

From our perspective this makes little sense, as life is a supposedly random event that occurred from elements that formed more complicated molecules, cells, systems of cells, organs, organ systems, lifeforms and ultimately us.

Our world happens to receieve energy from the sun in the form of electromagnetic radiation and heat, at exactly the levels that life requires it to live and to thrive.  

Light and warmth are then captured by living systems and these complex, yet frail systems, not only remain organized but they increase in order within.

Humans possess an additional feature, that befuddles the comprehension of the most able bodied scientific investigators, consciousness!

As a consequence, we can choose to intend our energy and focus it as we see fit,…….but only if we choose.

The more complicated the organism, the more frail and precarious it is. Energy that forms life, is increasingly unstable as it progresses from simple bacteria up through more complex life forms ultimately resulting as we humans. 

We not only require the energy that the sun provides the earth for our bodies to form and live, but the more fundamental energy of a loving consciousness to thrive, grow and provide us a meaning to reach, imagine and to move forward.

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