Fake it to Make it….is Just Faking it.

When I was a kid and up into my twenties, I can literally hear myself exclaiming, 

“I like him because he knows how to Act!”

I used the term “Act” often, though completely unaware of why I did.  

Our language is filled with explicitly obvious examples of our own and others “Gameplay” that if parsed out, guide us towards truth and away from falsity if we but have the ears to hear and the awareness to intuit what is truly being communicated.

At the time I was expressing that some person knew the rules of the tacit, but oh so important social conventions of the “game”, and that they applied them skillfully. I assumed that they had been taught well from consciously astute parents, or that they just “got it”, where so many others obviously did not.

Now as I reflect on my younger unaware self, I laugh at my naïveté, and have come to appreciate the skill in which my persona operates to prop itself up to the exclusion of me. 

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