“Playing” off of the “Inside Out” Metaphor

The the multitudes of egoists allow “Fear” with its lack of wisdom to hold hostage the emotions that so wisely want to guide us in our lives. Fear controls the speed at which it allows events to unfold in our lives and artificially warps experiences. It directs a pretend, or a pretentious existence.

Fear may employ any of the emotions to “Act” on its behalf (“Joy” is commonly employed to appear happy to the self and others), but the emotion is not genuine as it is under the direct control of Fear, under gun point or otherwise.

Fear loves to use “Perfectionism” to limit itself from engaging in risking or reaching in life. If Fear cannot perform an activity to a level that it considers safe, not only physically but also socially in the eyes of others, it will exclude the self from engaging in the activity in earnest, to prevent injury to the body but more importantly to the persona or false-self.

Unlike in the movie, “Fear” does not have access to the rules, it assumes the rules from the environment it is in, or creates them to preserve its own existence to the detriment of the true self.

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