The Problem

Because of the perceived blessings of our scientific age, and the ever advancing technologies and comforts that have been bestowed upon us, the masses are thoroughly convinced that our salvation is predicated on humanity overcoming our material world, with little regard for our internal one. 

This has spawned a generally conformist, if not complacent culture, that is itself isolated from one another by both the very technology that it so ravenously consumes and by the technicians and specialized workforce that have developed to provide us the technology that we so yearn for.

Renaissance Men and Women, with the broader view, a wider generalized knowledge base and an artistic view of their work and life are few and far between, and have unfortunately been replaced by a highly skilled though highly disjointed citizenry with an ever narrowing perspective and a penchant for distractions in lieu of seeking true knowledge. 

Our collective mentality is squarely a quick fix one, as psychiatrists and psychologists, once searchers of the soul, have become largely agents intended to enroll large swaths of the population into long term drug regimes that benefit large Pharma, who truly controls that game.    

It’s not about expediency and the promise of some goal that relieves us of the toil we so long to jettison, it’s about the right now and the way we view the world, ourselves and our relation to our world.

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