A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the…..

About 5 years ago my ex, my kids and I, on one fine Saturday morning, were excited to partake in some tasty strawberry crepes at a nearby eatery. After scarfing down my last bite, I decided to excuse myself to the commode, the dollop of whip cream precariously clinging to my jowl went unnoticed as I was suddenly on a mission to relieve myself.

Having encircled the seat of my porcelain throne several times, with the one-ply TP that was so generously offered me, I went about my business. A moment later the door to the lavatory opened and a man walked in, though it could have been the Easter Bunny for all I knew, as I was now resolutely quietly entrenched in my fortress of shame. 

Then the man started a conversation….did two people walk in and I just didn’t sense it correctly? The man continued for awhile, and then paused politely for an obligatory response, and now knowing it was I he was waiting on, I offered up a feeble “uh huh”, which was more than enough reward for him to go on and even increase the excitement and velocity of his monologue.

This continued for about 5 minutes or so, and though it eclipsed the time I required to finish my “duty”, I did choose to remain hidden until this supposed “tit for tat” conversation had come to an end. The man now saying all he could think to say, wished me a good day and thanked me for my time. The door closed and as I began buckling my belt, it swung wide open again “you know you should take up a hobby” the voice said. “I’ve been a bowler for over 30 years and I can tell you, it’s benefitted me greatly.” “Thanks again, and have a great day”, and the door closed.

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