Paradigm Shift

For most of my life, until about a year ago or so, much of what I did was at least partially motivated by some sort of external reward. Whether it be a prize such as money or some incarnation of recognition from others. Now as a result of many factors, I have almost no attachment to pleasing others or receiving anything from outside myself, save for the love to and from my kids. I’ve discovered, through the extreme limits of my external conditions, that a good day and a bad day is not predicated on what events occur to me that day, but how I occur to those events.

This may sound obvious as it is what we are all taught to say and think, though I know how rare a posture it truly is. Divorcing oneself from the cycle of human social behavior attached to this phenomena is not an easy task, and doing so can give one the appearance to others that they are quite a jerk. Having found out, albeit not completely intentionally, that the man pulling the strings behind the curtain was/is me, my perspective of life has radically changed.

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